A day in my life

The sound bites in my house are great. I sit quietly and listen to my world wondering where the cameras are…

Here is a glimpse for you…

Hannah: Well if you bent down when he farted you would probably swallow his fart!

My thoughts WTH?!, why are they so gross? Is that really my daughter saying that? Finishing school it is!!

Joshua: Mom looks like she just got out of high school.

My thoughts – I love that boy so much; He will treat his future girl like a queen.

Mercie: I want to be 36 so I can be as sexy as mom.

My thoughts: You are my favorite! (Ok I don’t have A favorite I have 4…) I hope all my kids will always think so highly of me forever!

As I ate lunch in the kitchen, standing at the counter as still as I could be all 4 were running around yelling and screaming, throwing pillows and leaping over stuff as Jason was laughing and chasing them with his Nerf gun and pelting all of them.

My thoughts – I love this.. I love my life.. I hope we are doing the same thing when they are older and have kids of their own. Of course J and I will still have the best guns and most ammo.

In other news…

Taylor and Hannah decided to clean out their room. According to them they do this every time they clean their room. Previously, when I asked if they would clean things they do not use or all trash very little came out. But since 2 years ago I decided to be hands off their room I left it at that.

So on Monday when the girls said they were cleaning out their room I did not think anything of it… I walked into their room to find a VERY LARGE trash bag full of trash and they were just on one craft cart. So I made myself comfortable on Taylor’s bed to supervise/cheerleader. A some point I got involved, I just can’t help myself when something is being cleaned out and organized. At the end of 2 hours 3 very full, very heavy, needed 2 people to carry each one, trash bags were hauled out and 2 very full giveaway bags were taken out. And, we didn’t even touch their clothes….

They have a craft cart with 6 drawers… in the organization process we put all their writing utensil in the cart. (crayons, markers, pens, pencils, colored pencils) Every drawer is full o the brim with writing utensils. I have forbidden them to buy anymore and I do not plan on buying new ones for school they can go through the drawers and get what they need.

of course we cleaned out the closetYesterday the girls decided to go through their dressers and closet. This is the bag of stuff we are passing down to a cousin. They have empty drawers now and a ridiculous amount of empty hangers. Hannah had many clothes that could skip my niece and go straight to Mercie… that tells you that the last time their clothes were weeded out was 3 years ago when I did it…


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