The Princess Series: She struts her stuff

Our boyfriend radar has been on alert with Taylor and Hannah. Both of whom have mentioned the boys they like and why. We have had discussions at length on attitudes, behaviors and that they won’t be dating for a few years and why…etc…etc… They are tweens so it is normal conversation and about when most girls chat about how cute boys are and so on, so we haven’t put much thought into the 5 year olds attitudes and thoughts on boys. Yes, she repeats what her sisters say about how cute Adam Levine or Hunter Hays is but that’s parrot talk right?!

Apparently NOT!!!! Friday night Hannah and Joshua had a friend sleepover. It works out great that the friends are brother and sister too! Anyway, we get home from picking them up and the boys start playing the Wii the girls are upstairs doing girly things. Then Mercie walks downstairs like she is walking down a cat walk. She has one hand on her hip, she is swinging those hips to and fro and she pranced herself between the boys and the TV does a turn around and pranced back.

She never said a word but they body language was “Well, Hello, boys!”

Oh yeah, this is what she changed into to do her lil cat walk prance.

mercie glam

I watched this in a mix of shock and disbelief of is this really my 5-year-old who hasn’t started school yet?!?!?!?!?! Of course my partner in crime got a text and pic of the entire scenario and the reply I got was “WTH? MAKE HER PUT CLOTHES ON!!!”

In Mercie style when asked to dress appropriately since we have company she looks and me, huffs and says “WHY?”

ME: Well 1 the dress is coming apart up top and 2, time for PJ’s.


What does she come down in? Just a shirt! Seriously?! I exclaim….

OH BOY! What kind of trouble do we have on our hands? Clearly when Joshua has friends over Mercie needs to be elsewhere.

And she did, finally, get on PJ bottoms and remained in full coverage clothes for the rest of the sleepover.


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