The lady in the mirror….

Taylor Rock out danceSince Taylor was born everyone told me that she looked just like me. Honestly I just didn’t see it. I would see it with some facial expressions and I saw a lot of me in her personality but physically I didn’t see what everyone else saw. Well, until last night.

Last night was the first school dance of the year. Taylor had to stay after school for UIL Drama practice so she wouldn’t be able to come home until after the dance. Earlier in the day she called asking that I take up her boots and a black shirt so she could change before the dance. After Jason’s suggestion I went up after school loaded with colored hairspray and make up.

Not long before that dance I showed up with dinner and my bag of goodies. As I was applying her make up I swore I was looking in the mirror at myself. I started to see what everyone else had seen for the last 12 years. I brushed It off and focused on getting her all glammed up.

As girls were coming in and out of the bathroom we would have a little audience and Taylor seemed to bask in it. She was excited I came up to school to get her ready and she couldn’t wait for her friends to see her. I finished and she went back to drama.

Later that night as I picked her up and she got in the car and it was as if someone put a mirror in the passenger seat, I felt like I got into the car looking as myself in the driver’s seat. A flood of excitement rushed over me as I looked at her and listened to her tell me about the dance, the sing off she won with a friend and how much fun she had. I have always been excited to see what all my kids are turning into but last night was different, the excitement was a wow, I cannot wait to continue life with her by my side and doing girly  things with her as she grows. Things like teaching her how to apply make up, style her hair differently, etc… then I couldn’t stop the tears. It made me so happy to look at her, to see me and be proud of the young lady she is becoming.

When we got home she was all bubbly and excited to share with Jason about her day and what her friends had to say about her look. With a huge smile and pride she said when her friends asked her what happened to her she said “My mom!” It was so cool to see how she loved that I went up to school to get her ready and think I was pretty cool. I know she won’t always feel that way but I have that moment to cherish forever. As I showed her how to take off the make up as I took off my own Jason said it was like watching two of me.

Before she went to bed she asked if she could go running with me this morning. I didn’t think she would actually wake up since she had a long and busy week but as I was getting ready to go out she came downstairs all ready to go. So I told her I would come get her at the end of my run. She ran 2 miles with me and I cannot tell you how special that was to me. I have loved running since Junior High and always dreamed that one of my kids would fall in love with it as much as I did and want to run with me. It was so fun to have her by my side to help her with her form, breathing and stride. She did well, we walked a little bit. I could tell she wasn’t wanting to but after I explained that there is no shame in having to slow down, walk or stop she seemed to feel better about it. She even had some left in her to sprint with me at the end.

It has been a good weekend so far…I am emotional about it all but it is out of happiness and seeing how truly blessed I am and being so grateful for it. I know the future holds some disappointments, heartaches and frustrations as a parent but I have great moments to remember and think about during those times. I can only pray she thinks on those times too… she may not like me, may hate the rules we put in place and think we are the worst parents at some point in time but she has the good and fun memories like I do.

I thank God everyday for the blessing of my kids and the privilege to care for them as long as He allows. I look to the future with hope and excitement. I look at the past with sweetness and cherish the moments that make me smile and cry and I enjoy the present moments and try my best to make the most of each one. I am a proud, blessed and grateful momma!



1 Response to “The lady in the mirror….”

  1. September 28, 2013 at 4:34 PM

    Love this! And when I saw the pic yesterday, I was stunned how much she look like you! What a sweet memory!

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