MY Family

Lately I have been going through notebooks, folders and computer files and reading things I have written. I did not realize how much I actually write. I have been moved by quite a few of my notes, poems, letters and journal entries. I think it is easy to forget exactly how you feel in a moment. It is one reason I write about big things, emotional things so often…I can be transported back to that moment. All of it is a great reminder to how I am living this life, how I feel, what I think about the things that happen to me and my family and how I feel about them in those moments.

I may be posting some of those things on here from time to time. Today I am going to start with My Family

crazy famThe family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money,  mocking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together. ~Erma Bombeck

The husbandJ at Great Wall

He’s the lead strange one… He’s never where he should be but always there when you need him… He can be late, wrong, right, uninterested, and intensely focused. He can rarely read minds but continues to try none the less… Clearly he loves his family deeply… His wife… a lover, best friend, confidant, critic, and cheerleader… She knows him better than he knows him self… His kids… a wild and unruly bunch with so much energy, love, and mischief wrapped up in such small packages… the pillars of his life… he knows that without them everything he knows will crumble in on itself… He is himself thru each of them… love, life, and… family.

bThe wife 

She is the OCD one… Always has a schedule and breathes better when things are clean and organized. She knows what everyone else needs more than she knows her own needs. She loves to be creative and even more she loves to have family and friends fill her home. She will cook you a great meal and make sure you laugh or cry, whatever it is you need. You will leave feeling better and she will be sad to see you go but anticipates the next visit. She adores the hugs, kisses and naps she gets with her kids, she only wishes the naps together happened more often. Her husband is her opposite and they make it work seamlessly, well most of the time. He is a compliment to her. He helps her to see her worth and beauty. Her kids…she wants the best for them and she worries over their future…who they will be, how they will love, and her strongest desire for them is so to seek God, find Him and be a person after His heart. She prays that their happiness comes from loving and caring for others not for fame or fortune.

The First Born T bb 2014

So the oldest is confident. She knows who she is and what she wants. Her beauty is wonderful. She is sensitive and caring. She directs and reports on all the family’s events, both public and private. She takes after her mother. She is highly competitive and creative always looking for ways to turn an ordinary Tuesday into and extra-ordinary party. She loves her daddy and is always finding ways to remain close to him and show him love. She seeks his approval and seems uncomfortable with her mothers suggestions. She likes to be in charge. She will be a leader in a great way one day. She is so smart but the fear of messing up keeps her second guessing herself at times.

hannah 2014Next in line is the blonde.

She is extremely intelligent but easily distracted. She will blow you away with her creativity and problem solving. She loves big; always seeking for the cuddle, hug, kiss or touch. She doesn’t know how to love any less than to love more than she has got. She is quite determined. Her beauty… breathtaking… Her way of thinking about things has always been beyond her years. She is her own person, proud to be unique…she wears it as a badge of honor. Center of attention? Yes! She loves to makes jokes and be funny. When she likes something it becomes an obsession and she will be an expert on the subject before you know what hit you.

The boy…cub scout josh

He is all heart. He was born chivalrous. He is sensitive to you and wants nothing more than your love and approval. He is a care taker; he will be a great provider one day. He adores his sisters. He admires his father and wants to be like him. His mother is who he watches out for; when she is not alright he is concerned and is there to make her feel better. He is his little sisters best play mate and strongest protector.

Mercie 1-2014The baby girl…

She was a joy filled surprise. She loves to laugh. She loves the chase. Her hugs are the best! She is also determined and opinionated. She will not accept you quickly; you must earn her attention and love. She is more like her mama than the others. She is picky, knows how she wants things, just like her mama. She is the ultimate cuddler, can’t resist lying on her mama and she will fall asleep in an instant. She loves to swing; we can only wonder what the love of the wind in your hair and the flight will lead to.

card 2013


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