Ugh… why does everyone have to do what everyone else is doing?

If you don’t think that is the case then just look at your Facebook feed.  Everyone posts the same video, same RIP to so and so famous person, everyone’s back to school picture is the same… it is so boring. As a creative person I’d like to see a bit more variety in life.

I get my news from, well the news broadcasters so when so and so famous dies I heard it all ready. Why post a sad RIP to someone you didn’t know? Yes, death is sad and loss of life affects people but let the news stations be the ones to hash it out, who they were, why they died and so on… I mean they don’t report all the real news anyway so they need something to talk about. Leave Facebook to telling me what food you ate, type of workout you did, what cool things you learned, where you traveled to, how you lost it as a parent when your kid did whatever, funny things your kids said, and so on… that’s entertaining… the sad, depressing stuff the news will cover thoroughly for far too long anyway.

I love Pinterest, I Pinterest a lot! It can be inspirational and I have gotten a lot of great tips from many pins. But when taking pictures of your kids and family why not be YOU?! Do what says and looks like YOUR family, YOUR kids. Make it unique and funny. Don’t print off the same chalkboard printable or make your chalk board look like everyone else to snap a picture of your precious child. How is that different from the school pictures? Yeah, it’s cuter than a blue/gray backdrop but save the look a likes for the yearbook and standard school pictures. Make your child’s first day about them, make it look like they do on a daily basis. If they are sad summer is over why not snap a picture of them crying (or fake crying) holding their back pack or throwing it; or why not a picture of them in their swimsuit and a back pack because they are not ready for summer to be over?

After seeing the fun pictures of my brother and his wife sent out for Christmas my family has gotten away from the posed, matchy clothes, Olan Mills-ish family photos. We are so glad we ditched that idea about 5 years ago because they are just so boring and not too much different from the pictures from the 1800’s where no one smiled. Our favorite family pictures are crazy, goofy, funny ones that say ‘THIS IS THE SWARTZ FAMILY!’ Everyone we know has told us they cannot wait for our Christmas cards because they are so fun to get in the mail. Heck, the office at the kids school asks me every year if they are getting a card because they want to put our fun picture up on the office door. How cool is that?! We only do matchy stuff around here for Halloween because we dress up thematically because we will turn ourselves into a Star Wars movie, Marvel Superheroes, a band of scallywag pirates, a football team, etc…

BeYOUtiful! How many times have you seen that posted or heard some one quote it? Countless times…. So why not just be you? Do your thing. Make your own path. Make your own statement. Take the path less traveled. Be creative. Be unique. Have fun. Teach yourself and your kids to be different. To stand out from the crowd do not get lost in it. Variety is fun, exciting, makes the world interesting. Go be You and not worry that you are not like anyone else because that someone else is already taken. Make a mark and make your life memorable. It makes for great stories in the future when you sit around with your kids and their kids and talk about all the things you did as a family that wasn’t like anyone else’s. I do my best to make choices and do things that will create those kind of moments later. I want to make sure my kids feel more than comfortable about being different, not following the crowd and not feeling they need to do and say what everyone else is because that makes them blend in and not shine when they are interviewing for the job of their dreams or auditioning for something they love.

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