I am out of Dawn!


This morning as I was getting ready for the day Jason comes into the bathroom and says “It’s shocking! You won’t believe this!! WE ARE OUT OF DAWN!”

“WHAT?! Like how can that be?” I say probably with a puzzled and confused look on my face.

But we were, not a drop of Dawn in our house, not a trace amount in an empty bottle. Nothing left in the sink soap dispenser.

The reason it is so shocking is for 3 years I had a ridiculous supply. Read about that here. Even though I quit buying the large bottle on a bi monthly basis, or even weekly basis I still bought a few small bottles more often than I needed them because I was always sure we were out or running low. (I must have some deep seeded fear and/or anxiety about not being able to clean my dishes.)

So although I have a full day and wasn’t really wanting to go to the store I had to…. I had dirty dishes in the sink (the ones we don’t put in the dishwasher) and well, I can’t let dirty dishes sit for too long.

In case you were wondering, Yes, I did purchase the largest bottle I could find. Only one though. However we do have about 10 tubes of toothpaste. That seems to be my new “we must be out of this” each time I go to the store.

I am not one of those couponer persons that ends up getting 20 something’s for pennies…if I was I’d probably have enough money to take the family to dinner and a movie.


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