For the love of cake!

I love to celebrate all things. I especially love birthdays. They are fun and I get to shower all kinds of love on my family and friends. And the best part is CAKE, unless I am throwing a surprise party!!!

cake and coffeeIn our house, on birthdays, cake is what’s for breakfast. Jason pointed out to me on Saturday, Joshua’s 9th birthday, while I was eating my breakfast cake and after I cut all 4 kids cake for breakfast, that it use to only be that the birthday person gets cake but now it seems cake is for everyone. I am not exactly what all I said to him but I am sure it was close to “birthdays happen once a year and shut up, I need cake and coffee” or “ I don’t  work out 6 days a week to not get cake when I want it and not feel guilty.” Just didn’t get all that negative energy from him 😉

In reality birthdays happen in our house 6 times a year and that is only if I am not hosting a loved one’s party because I will make cake for that too.

This year Joshua wanted white cupcakes but he knows his friends like chocolate so he asked me to make both. I, of course and without hesitation, said yes. I mean when the birthday boy is thinking of others one has to do what he asks. Rain cancelled our birthday weekend plans to go camping so we had a couple of families over for birthday dinner and sleep over to celebrate Joshua turning 9. Some are allergic to things I am not allergic to so I, of course and without hesitation, had to make safe cupcakes for them as well. So at the end of it all we have 36 cupcakes and one 2 layer cake and only 14 people (the 6 of us included in that number) for birthday dinner, which means lots and lots of cake leftover.

I can bake pies, pop-tarts, make all kinds of ice cream, cookies, breads, brownies and not touch them. But my goodness if there is cake around I want to eat it all the time. I have so much cake in my house I love it. I just don’t love that I can’t eat it guilt free or not feel I have to do a second workout each time I eat cake. Despite me using healthier ingredients I still wish I could eat cake and be as carefree and have the high metabolism my kids do. Oh well, we have a little over 2 months till the next birthday.(Unless I make a cake for Easter) It’s not like I am eating cake every day.



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