In a blink of an eye


Being the oldest it is no surprise to learn Taylor takes charge, likes to lead, thinks she is a second mama sometimes and is very responsible. Those characteristics have always made be remind myself that she is still young, especially now that she towers over me barefooted. Of course, she doesn’t like to think so. But what teenager enjoys being told they are too young?

Have you ever been somewhere and seen a girl that you just assumed she was 16 years old or older than that but then learn she is only 13 or 14? I don’t know about you but I have and then my jaw hits the floor and I think wow, she does not look that young. But, here lately I have to remind myself that Taylor is not even 14 yet.

Shopping with her is a chore, not because it is unpleasant but because it requires a lot of shopping. With her height and shoe size it is not easy to find 10 ½ sized shoes that are not high heels. Swimsuits are not made for the tall, thin framed, young girl that as a mom I would call appropriate. We spend time going from store to store or settling for what works. She is a good sport and understands things so it’s not a fight to have her agree with what we find that is appropriate vs. her preference. I am just not wanting to nor am I ready to have her look older than she is, however, this past week that slapped me in the face.

She starts high school in the fall. Her entire 8th grade class had a semi-formal dance last week. As I took pictures of her my heart stopped, I felt I couldn’t breathe. What I saw when I looked through the camera lens was a grown, gorgeous, young lady and I wasn’t sure where she came from. I mean it felt like in a blink of an eye she went form little girl to young lady. I don’t feel a day older than the day I gave birth to her so how can this be? Where have almost 14 years gone? If I don’t feel older, or drained from parenthood, how can she be so tall, beautiful, smart and ready to take on whatever comes her way?

Saying we are blessed to have her feels like an understatement. I love being her mama, I love watching her grow and become who God created, I cannot wait to see all the other changes and areas she will blossom in BUT, I want it to stop or at least slow down. The carousel of life seems to be spinning faster and faster.

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