This boy, my heart, and football

IMG_0598This boy…my heart is full. I love him fiercely. It is a different love for a son than a daughter but it is just a much and as powerful and as complete.  

He loves football. Not just likes it he loves it. He eats and sleeps it. He watches it, commentates on it, tells the team on TV what they should’ve done and tells me plays as they happen, talks to his dad throughout the game asking questions giving his input. Shares how he wants to play the game, comes up with plays all the time. He plays football at recess, after school, on the weekends; he’s always looking for someone to throw the ball with.  

Football starts up today. We shopped yesterday for the perfect cleats, gloves, and mouth guard. He was particular about the snacks we get for the team. He had to see this year’s roster, there was going to be no waiting. He was up first today. He was wearing his gloves, already had his football bag packed, he is sitting on the couch right now repeating “down, set, hut” doing the hand motions in church clothes at 7:45 am. His game isn’t until 4 pm.  

IMG_0597He’s found the thing he loves. As persistent he is about all things football I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I don’t mind that one bit. I love to see him play. He lights up on that field and enjoys it all and it’s the one time when things don’t go perfectly he’s not beat up, disappointed yes, but also he is encouraging to his team mates and analyzing what went wrong and how to fix and avoid it next time.  

After the game today, even though I will be there watching, he will give me the play by-play asking if I saw this and that and giving his coach, Jason, ideas, thoughts and asking questions on how to improve for next week. HE will talk about the good and the bad of the game all week. He will tell us what he thinks should be done. He will ask his dad what he thinks about running this play or that play. He will check to make sure Jason is thinking about the game, preparing for the game and he will ask “so dad, what is the plan for the game, who do you think should play what position?”

IMG_0556This will happen until he steps onto the field next Sunday. He is super excited about that game since Mimi & Papa will be here to watch him play.

Can’t wait to post new pictures from this year of him on the field.




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