Wrapping up 2015

So it has been a few months… life just gets busy. We had a full fall schedule with Hannah dancing each week at football games, Taylor’s golf tournaments, Joshua’s foot ball. I started substitute teaching plus the work for RedSky as well.

Mom and dad came to visit in September and daddy baptized Joshua. During that time Mercie prayed such a sweet prayer for Joshua. I wrote it down because I knew eventually I would share with y’all.)

She prayed….

Please God let Jesus come into Joshua’s heart on Sunday when he’s baptized and please take out all his sin.

All 4 kids are doing great in school. We could not be more proud.

We camped some more this fall and Joshua earned his Polar Bear patch for cub scouts since it got down to 30 degrees while we camped. It was great and we all had fun. Looking forward to more this spring.

At Girl Scout Camp Mercie learned archery, kayaked and learned how to use a compass. It was a fun weekend for her and I.

We spent Thanksgiving at home and shared dinner with our neighbors. It was a fun, relaxing game filled day. We also spent Christmas at home, just the 6 of us. It was perfect. Or course we missed all our family but it was nice to be just us. Kids have had great quality time with us, each other and their friends. New Years Eve will be the same, I am sure friend will be in and out.

2016 looks to bring some excitement and changes.

Joshua will play basketball. Hannah will start taking dance classes and we start the year off with Jason getting back surgery. It been a long time coming and we are both looking forward to him feeling better being pain-free and able to do more things in a couple of months.

Summer will be upon soon I am sure. Kids are looking forward to some church camps and time with grandparents.

Here are a few favorite pictures from the summer to now…Enjoy!

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