The only limited resource is time.

There are days’ things just creep up on you and you were not expecting it. Ya know, when the tears start and you just can’t seem to stop it… where you must force yourself to think about the plain and boring and mundane things, really hard just to keep it together…

Today is that for me. I did my usual dropping off Josh and Mercie to school. I let them out by the back gate of the school. They both have always taken off running to the back door. They race each other but they always run where I am on the street to look over smile and wave. They smile with their big gorgeous face smiles and off they go. But today I saw Joshua and it felt like it was like a last goodbye. There is this feeling of the end of elementary that I haven’t felt before. It is ending for him this year but when I see him race his sister to the door of the school and smile a big smile and wave at me I just can’t hold in the sadness for the ending. For six years, I have been blessed with the best ‘goodbye, see you after school’ greetings and love from him.

When Mercie is in the same school with him again things will be so different.

He is my only boy, I don’t know what is it store for our relationship in the teen years.

So, then there is looking at Taylor…. y ’all she is grown in so many ways. Our days are numbered. She is so tall and so pretty. She has blown us away with how amazing she does at school and how well she balances that with church, babysitting, and golf and being such a good helper at home with so many things. She’s making her colleges to visit list. I am starting to feel sick and excited all at the same time.

Oh, and if you could see all the things Hannah creates you might cry too. I tell her all the time I want to show the world all of it… she laughs and says most are doodles. You’d laugh at that if you saw her doodles. They are not cute little flowers and squiggly lines. They are just art, with depth and scale and emotion and perfection. Her talent is so special and beyond her years.


Mercy me, Miss Mercie she thinks she’s grown and that kills me because she not. She just wants to be doing what her older sisters are doing and hanging with them. She looks at me funny when I ask for cuddles and things we used to do are becoming boring for her. I know I’m probably trying to hang on all too much for too long but it just goes by so fast and I miss all that was.

Who would’ve thought my brother finishing grad school would bring me to tears to? But it did. I am so proud of him and excited it is over for him. It’s such a big deal!

This is not good to be so emotional 2 weeks before Jackson’s wedding. He was a little man of just 3 years old in my wedding. How can it be that he is off to start his own life and family so fast? It just may be the quietest time we have with all the Tharpe’s… I know if Emily and I talk we just might end up in ugly cries for days.

Despite my emotional roller coaster these things are wonderful and they do make me excited. But sadness comes along with it, it’s almost like you cannot have one without the other. I say it all the time and it is the truest statement y’all….


The days and weeks are long but the years are so short.


So savor the moments, hang on to the memories, laugh and cry and be in the pictures. Do fun things and be silly. Make sure you fill their minds with a multitude of memories that are fun, honest, playful and loving. It will be the best thing for them to take with them wherever they go and the best thing for you to have when they go. Hug them, kiss them, and go seize the day.



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