a perfect holiday break

The kids went back to school this past Thursday. No one wanted the break to end and I’d like to think it was for more reasons than not wanting to have homework and tests.

We had such a great the Christmas season. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better one. Sure we missed extended family and far away friends but we had A good mix of fun, meaning, lazy and merriment this year.

It was just the 6 of us. It was calm and didn’t pass by too quickly. It’s not the first time it’s just been our family so I’m not all to sure why it felt so good and different than before. It felt like much needed time. I worked to be more intentional with our schedules and chose new and meaningful events. But maybe it was the calmness of it being the six of us or the fact that we stayed active vs just sitting around and letting it pass us by or maybe it’s the clock ticking in my head saying there’s 18 months before our first born leaves the nest.

I find myself wanting to take pictures of all we do more than ever before. I want to make sure we are making memories, that everything is a sweet memory- even the ugly things. I want my kids to be excited about making their way in life and expanding their wings but I want more than ever for all thoughts of home to be joy filled and sweet and that they desire

to come back home and bring their friends and people they meet along the way.

As a kid I wanted nothing more than to be a mom and many times I said I wanted a million kids. It was all I thought of most times and I loved playing house.

I love my 4- they are my million. I’m excited for their futures and I love talking to them about what they feel their future holds. But like most parents- I fight with time a lot. I want it to go by slower, for it to give us more time, let us choose the pace of life.

Of course, the kids missed the big family Christmas with all them aunts, uncles, cousins and Mimi and papa but I’m hoping as the days go by they will be glad we had Christmas as just the 6 of us from time to time. This is my favorite picture. I love everything about it. I see all their personalities in this picture and just pure joy and love.

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