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Reality isn’t perfect

Here’s to everyone that said I always have things under control, always have a clean house. The truth is you’ve probably only seen my house when I knew you were coming over. Reality looks more like this… Jason is traveling again and I push over the laundry so I can lay down in bed and go to sleep next to it.

It’s all clean, but I can’t tell you when I’ll actually get around to folding and putting it away. But on a Sunday where I went to church between running 8 miles and doing the Bible study carpool and five loads of laundry and dealing with a parenting crisis I do try find the rest on a Sabbath. Rest that just really looks like less work than any of the other days. It’s not perfect but we’re all fed and happy- just sometimes we sleep next to the laundry.


Why I hate tile…

I  am thoroughly exhausted!

We have tile in our kitchen. I hate it but we cannot afford the cost of taking it out and replacing it with wood right now. So I must deal with it. Despite the mopping and scrubbing i do weekly I cannot keep the grout clean. So today I finally got fed up with the look of the nasty grout and cleaned it. Cleaning it meant spending 2 1/2 hours on my hands and needs with a sponge and cleaner. My forearms are a tad sore and my knees don’t love me so much right now, it is not like they were all that happy with me cleaning right after my morning run. So wish we had wood throughout…I hate the labor intensive tile and I am too much of a perfectionist to not have the grout the way i want it. Bright, clean and neat.

I am pleased with the result. It is so bright and pretty. I then had the bug to really clean the wood floors as well….then I spent the rest of the day making brownies and cakes. Tomorrow I will spend most of the day in the kitchen to make dressings, sauces, breads and snacks so I can eat more than fruit.

Hannah’s birthday is tomorrow. NINE YEARS OLD! She requested homemade spaghetti and bread. I just pulled her cake for tomorrow night out of the oven, once it cools I am going to collapse in the bed….


Let me catch you up…

with what’s going on with the kids.

In May we went to MS/AL for family, parties and graduation. The kids got in tons of cousin time and stayed with mimi & papa for 2 weeks while Jason and i went to Bubbie & Callie’s house before heading home alone. Mimi & Papa drove them back to TX and stayed a few days with us.

Once they left Taylor and Hannah went to Musical theatre camp and then performed the story of Queen Esther twice. They had a blast at camp and performing. They both did wonderful!

This past Sunday, William, Taylor’s “boyfriend” came by to visit with her. We use that term loosley…boyfriend. You remember how it is in school…if you really like, like someone they are your boy/girl friend. He is a great kid, Very nice, respectful and has great manners. He calls J and I Mr./Mrs. Swartz. He called Jason to ask permission to come over to visit with Taylor. We were quite impressed. We raise our kids to show the same respect to others but rarely do we get it back.

The kids did not know I took a few pictures of them. But I had to document the first boyfriend visit! Sorry they are not closer pictures but I was working undercover with my cell phone camera…

Today Taylor left for Centrikid camp. This is sleep away camp….a group from our church went and she has been excited forever! I know she will have so much fun and comeback changed for the better.  I am  contemplating going as a counselor next year. We will see though. Would still have 2 kids to find a place to go for the week.

Hannah has a day camp coming up in 2 weeks. But I think she is more excited that we had her BFF’s family over for a cookout over the weekend. The girls are hoping they will have many sleepovers now. She has spent her summer days drawing and building. She made Jason a bird house out of paper and she has a blast with Joshua’s legos.

Joshua has had fun just playing with his friends and working on his writing. He has started to swim without his floaties and loves to jump into the deep end. He plays so hard he is close to collapsing at bed time.

Mercie is in shoe heaven. Addie gave her 10+ pairs of dress up shoes…she likes to line them up and admire them. It is cute but I see it as a curse….my adult eyes see OCD issues and a love of shoes. Not really bad but I am her mother and I know my craziness is not pleasant at times and I cannot escape it, so that is why I say it is a curse.

As for J and I we are good. He is traveling and I am still doing the same ol stuff. Mommyhood, workouts, running, creating parties etc….this is us at Graceland! We spent a day in Memphis with Bubbie & Callie…so much fun.


Deck Table Complete

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I have a marvelous hubbie who is very talented. So excited to have our outdoor dining table. We have  BBQ planned this weekend with some friends! YAY!


Outdoor Dining: Phase #1

We have had our deck for 4 years now. We love being outside and enjoying our gorgeous backyard. However, we do not have an outdoor dining table…until this weekend. We have spent the last 4 years going back and forth on what we want, how big, what it is made of, color and on and on and on…..We looked at buying a set but nothing was perfect for us. So after much deliberation about the look of it and designing a table Jason has begun building it. I am so excited. It is beautiful and it is not completed yet.

I love big, strong furniture that has a bold presence in its space. Our table fits that bill. It will not be something we will move once it is in place. In fact when it is time for J to attach top and bottom together it will be done in its permenant location on our deck.

Of course, I have captured the progress in photos.

These are the shavings after running the boards through the surface planer. The table is made out of cedar. We thought we might package all the shavings and sell to pet stores. 🙂

Isn’t it beautiful? J has to add the biscuits, glue and then he is going to and a trim around the top before we can attach the legs and top together. It is a 5′ ft x 10 ft table that will seat 12 people. I cannot wait to entertain friends and family and enjoy the beautiful table hubbie is building for us!


Friends, Family, Fun and parties!!!!

We are having so much fun hanging out with family and best friends. In the last few days we have had 2 celebrations, a birthday and graduation…we have had one BIG par-tay that was so much fun and we are hanging out until the next big day…Mercie turning 3! Where has the time gone?! Love hanging with my fam and BFF’s. Have more fun in store for the next week. Saving all the for a later post.

Happy Memorial Day! remember we are free because of the brave!


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